Restore your period garden to its former glory

Imagine a Victorian-style cottage garden, packed full of plants from family and friends.

If you live in a cottage, or Victorian home, it is likely that your garden no longer reflects its heritage.

Rob Hodge is passionate about all aspects of period gardens, and one speciality is recreating gardens to match the adjoining home. If your garden is an original feature but hasn't been touched for 20 years I would be pleased to restore it to its former glory.

I have 30 years experience of restoration and maintenance of traditional gardens.


What services can I offer for your period garden?

  • 30 years proven experience of restoring and maintaining period gardens

  • Restoration of neglected borders

  • Recreating gardens lost in time - design to reflect the age of the garden

  • Any style of garden can be created

I also offer a complete garden and plant management service - to keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the year.