A beautiful variety of gardens for every home and individual


Rob Hodge Horticulture can design, create, restore and maintain a range of gardens and features to enhance any outside space, including:

Cottage gardens- not just for cottages, cottage gardening is all about much loved borders that have surrounded cottage gardens for decades. These borders can provide a fantastic mixture of all types of plants from richly coloured roses to herbs and even fruit and vegetables.

Herbaceous borders- this planting can be provided either as long borders edging established lawns or as island beds within a lawn. They provide summer displays that start at the end of spring and run right through to the first frosts.

Herb gardens- these can be provided either in raised beds, or as a separate garden on its own. Herb gardens are usually constructed close to the house so that the plants can be used quickly and conveniently. Often the borders can be edged with box hedging to provide a classic look.

Rockeries and gravel gardens- create aspect in a garden and can cater for everything from the alpine plant collector to masking a problem area within a garden. Using quality stone and gravel a remarkable variety of plants can be grown in these situations.

Baskets and containers- I can provide complete hanging baskets of the finest quality for both summer and winter displays. Containerised plants of any description can be provided to fit into any situation - even small troughs and window boxes can transform the frontage of a building. If you want to achieve a striking contemporary look, use architectural statement plants to produce big bold images.

Fruit tree training and pruning- all fruit trees and plants, for example apples, pears, plums, figs and cherries, need specialist treatment. Whether your trees have been neglected for 20 years and need serious surgery to bring them back, or if the plants are new and need pointing in the right direction, I can maintain them and keep them as fruitful as possible.

I am a fully qualified gardener with 30 years experience and a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, so trust me to get the best out of your garden - whatever the style.